Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is for the 33rd time already when our IAC created the conditions for the presentation of actual results of the scientific research of new experimental methods as well as for the identification of the present tasks of Acoustics. This year’s 33IAC joint with the EAA symposium is held under the motto: “Acoustics as a tool of the improved life quality”.

Tradition of the IAC conferences has been established in former Czechoslovakia. Most of them were held in the High Tatras. During the difficult period also the platform for interesting presentations has been enabled, followed by the discussions and round tables to the selected topics. As a result of professional and informal discussions many wonderful contacts have been established, often lasting and alive nowadays.

The organizers would like to create such conditions, that each participant, including the accompanying persons, will have the feeling of usefully spent time during the conference. High professional level of the 33rd IAC is ensured by the presence of excellent authors of the plenary lectures, further lectures and visual presentations from the area of the architectural, underwater, musical, speech, physical, physiological and psychological acoustics, car noise, electroacoustics, ultrasound acoustics, noise, and vibrations. We are really happy to welcome our colleagues from Japan, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, close friends from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and of course from Slovakia. I would like to thank to all authors for the effort devoted to the preparation of their verbal and visual presentations. Our great thanks go to our sponsors, who considerably contributed to the feasibility of realization of the present conference program. We appreciate very much that top managers of EAA, Mr. Vorländer and Mr. Kozaczka included our conference into their tight schedules. We are pleased by the fact that many young scientists, students, are participating, bringing new, non-traditional approaches, solutions, opinions. Great thanks to all of you, and to your accompanying persons coming to the Patria hotel. Welcome!

Within the short time provided by 33rd IAC we offer you, beside the professional program, a miniature excursion to the Slovak culture. It will be a presentation of FUJARA, a typical Slovak instrument, as a conclusion of the conference; it will be the organ concert in the St. George cathedral in Spišská Sobota; the baroque organ is from the 17th century (1663). In the gothic cathedral there are famous statues – masterpieces of Master Paul from Levoča.

As for the optional choice of the program, our colleagues of the Organizing Committee can provide you an advice; moreover to the left from the hotel entrance there is an official tourist agency. During the individual trips, please kindly mind the potential dangers of these mountains. Unfortunately this year the High Tatras took 6 human sacrifices.

Dear participants,

The members of the organizing committee did their best for you to feel well at the 33rd IAC. I believe that all of you personally will be optimistic tuned and that we all will manage to create very pleasant atmosphere in this wonderful surroundings.

Emil Rajčan, Professor