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ICA and International Noise Awareness Day

Message from ICA President Michael Taroudakis

Symposia Sponsorship

ICA Sponsorship of Specialty Symposia in Acoustics: Go to for the application form.

ICA - Passing of Leo Beranek

Many of you will have heard the sad news that Leo Beranek passed away 11 October 2016 at the age of 102. You may be interested to read and circulate his obituary and his recent autobiography. These are attached. These documents may also be viewed from the ICA home page.

In a message from the Beranek family "Although we mourn his passing we celebrate his life and his work".

ICA Specialty Symposia support

(Možnosť získať finančnú podporu na organizáciu akustickej konferencie pre členov ICA na rok 2016.)

Please note that applications for ICA support for Specialty Symposia to be held in 2016 are due before the end of October 2015. Applications should be submitted to ICASecGen [at] .
Further information and the link to the application form are available at the ICA webpage at

Noise in Europe 2014

The European Environmental Agency has just published a report on Noise Pollution as a major environmental problem in Europe.
Please have a look at the following link:

ICA - Newsletters from the President 2015

The purpose of the ICA is to promote international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation.


ICA_newsletter_July 2015.pdf

( ICA and International Year of Sound 2019 )


All ICA Newsletters (and the previous Letters) will be available at, under menu tab "Letter from President".

Časopis Akustika (CZ)

Časopis Akustika je odborným recenzovaným časopisom o akustike a vibráciách. V roku 2012 bol časopis Akustika zaradený do medzinárodnej databázy SCOPUS.

Jednotlivé čísla časopisu:

Acta Acustica united with Acustica

Volume 103, Number 5, September/October 2017

The issues is online at Ingenta:

Acoustics in Practice (EAA)

New EAA Journal of current topics in applied acoustics

Please find the link to the new journal of our European Acoustics Society.
The webpage of AiP on Fenestra is

or you can directly browse issues at

Časopis Akustické listy (CZ)

Vydáva Česká akustická spoločnosť a je prístupný prostrednictvom webu: alebo

EAA Nuntius newsletters

/ EAA Award; Acta Acustica United with Acustica; Conferences organized by EAA /


Noise/News International
is only available as a PDF file for free download by the members of the Member Societies of International INCE and others

Go to: Noise/News International


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